July 20, 2024

5 features that software for commercial property must have

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If you’re considering implementing software for commercial property management into your business, there are a few things you should look out for. Certain features have significant benefits either in the short-term, long-term, or both and they’re worth seeking. With that in mind, we’ve decided to make an insightful article in which we’ll highlight the 5 features that every property management software for commercial purpose, must-have.

1.     Real-time data monitoring

Thanks to modern-day software solutions, there’re widespread options for real-time data monitoring. That’s an essential feature to have for commercial property managers. When you are comparing different software solutions between one another, you should always prefer the option which has real-time reporting available. This can help you reduce expenses for your business by allowing responsible managers to see where numbers are higher than they need to be. Besides, alongside the capability to monitor data in real-time, you almost always get better and faster data analytics.

2.     User-friendly software for commercial property management

It’s no secret that such a specialized tool will definitely have its fair share of complex and unique features. However, the underlying base/foundation of the software for commercial property management should be user-friendly and easy to cope with. As an example, we can highlight management software that is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform (now called Business Central 365). Boding a familiar feel to other Microsoft Office apps, this one is just an example of what you should strive to get when purchasing or licensing software for commercial property management.

3.     Self-service portal for your tenants

This is a feature that will definitely save you hundreds of hours of administrative work. Every week or every month, you have to send out notices, newsletters, invoices, and a lot of other documents. If you don’t have a self-service portal, this takes a lot of work because you have to send them to e-mails personally or worse, print them out and mail them physically. The existence of a self-service portal completely eliminates the need for manual labor in this area. Just input the information, decide on a schedule and save tens of hours.

4.     Managing bills, invoices, bids

High-end computer programs – commercial for small business software are able to simplify administrative duties for your staff by providing the necessary tools to generate, categorize and automate billing, invoicing as well as bidding on certain projects. Let’s elaborate on the latter. For example, let’s say you want to find the best contract for cleaning services. Thus, you set up a project and employ dedicated modules to work as a bidding software for commercial cleaning. In it, you can submit bids and compare, manage various offers and choose the best one for you!

5.     Simplified document management

Software for property management can cope with not just bills and invoices, but also legal documents. You can find features that help manage lease contracts, set up templates for agreements, sign documents electronically, etc. This feature is arguably the most useful of the lot, as property managers have the most work preparing, managing, and archiving documents. It’s much easier if the software can make it more effortless.

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