June 20, 2024

All About Retail Boxes and Packaging

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With so many retail packaging solutions, it can be overwhelming for companies to narrow them down and find the best option for their products. But if your products are luxury items, rigid boxes for retail packaging are the best way to go because they compliment your products by giving a high-end presentation and creating an unboxing experience that helps amplify the luxurious appeal of your products.

Rigid Boxes are a Popular Option for Retail Packaging

It is especially true that rigid boxes are the most popular packaging option for retail goods that are known for being high-quality. Whether you are selling high-end tech gadgets, fine chocolates, jewelry, or upscale fashion accessories, rigid boxes are the obvious choice for brands who want their packaging to compliment and even emphasize the item’s high quality. Multiple studies show there is a direct relationship between rigid boxes, perceived product value, and sales. In fact, the best-selling smartphone is the iPhone, and one of the main reasons why it’s sales numbers are so high is due in part to its famous rigid box–a high-quality, sturdy box using minimalist design that enhances branding and product appeal.

Types of Rigid Boxes for Retail Products

Once you have determined that rigid boxes will do your products the most justice, you need to determine which design or rigid box type best reflect your brand and its products. Popular options include:

  • Book style rigid box
  • Rigid box shape (traditional)
  • 1 or 2 pieces
  • Rigid boxes with hinged or flip lids
  • Magnetic locking rigid boxes
  • Lift-off and detachable lids for rigid boxes
  • Partial cover
  • Slide-style / Match
  • Round shaped
  • Neck / Shoulder

Look for a company that understands marketing and branding, and learn how they engineer custom rigid boxes that reflect unique products and the brands that sell them.

Rigid Boxes and the Unboxing Experience

We all know that surge of anticipation that fills us when opening a gift box containing a new gadget, piece of jewelry, or a new phone. Creative rigid boxes help to enhance the buying experience and, ultimately, the unboxing experience, by amalgamating endurance, strength, and simple elegance. Some rigid boxes can have high-end finishing like a glossy sheen, leather, embossing, metallic wrap, and many other configurations that delight consumers far beyond the limitations of molded plastic (something more suitable for practical packaging solutions for routine products).

Enhancing the retail experience leads to sales and year-over-year growth. When looking for custom rigid boxes with specific designs and luxury finishes, search for a retail boxes packaging company that can create product in a timely manner while staying within your budget while offering flawless rigid boxes and exceptional customer service.

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