April 22, 2024

Are Marketing Chatbots For Affiliates a Good Choice?

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Do you know which the biggest affiliate site on the internet is? It’s Amazon. It makes around $360 billion a year and the profits are rising every day. The predictions say that by 2023 this number will be double. See about this in details on this link where it’s well explained how big this is.

Knowing all this, it’s clear why so many people are setting up online stores and affiliates and learning how to do the best marketing strategy to get more clients. With it, of course, more sales and more profits.

If you’re into the affiliate business, you also need to know everything about marketing. One of the most important features your web page must have is the chatbot. If you don’t know what it is or you don’t know how to use it, read on and learn all about this!

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are software programs that are made specifically for implementing them on web pages to act as companions for visitors going there. They are made to help customers with different needs. They can be programmed to do different tasks depending on what the owner needs them to do.

Why are they important for your marketing strategy?

When you realize what exactly is that you need from the bot, you program them to do this job. Most of them are programmed to ask questions by offering a few choices for the people and to answer certain questions by recognizing the keywords written in the box.

Research shows that most visitors ask the same questions and it’s easy for the machine to recognize the questions. Once they do this, they have an answer ready and they just type it in. The customer on the other side of the screen gets the answer right away, almost the same second they pressed the enter key.

One of the key elements that drive people away from spending more time on a certain webpage, based on thorough research is waiting. When people have to wait for the page to load or for some of the employees to answer their question, they lose interest and just close that site going to someplace else.

The only time they’ll need to wait is when they ask a question that the chatbot is not recognizing. Then it will transfer this question to an actual employee who will read and answer appropriately. Of course, in the meantime, the visitor will get the message that an official is going to answer as soon as possible.

Why messenger is the best option?

The most popular option and probably the best among all is implementing the Facebook messenger bot. Why? Because of two main reasons.

One, the simple logging in. Every other chatbox will be confusing and will ask visitors to do a lot of steps until they are logged in. Instead, the messenger marketing is an option that they’ve already seen and are accustomed to. They won’t find this suspicious or threatening in any way.

Two, by doing this, you get a lot of information for the visitors. Their profile, their e-mail, phone number, and other info that can be used for marketing purposes later. This information can be used for sending newsletters, invitations, and other marketing strategies for promoting.

When a company needs to promote something to a lot of people they need a list of e-mails which is usually paid a lot of money and is not always a perfect choice. This way, you can be sure that the clients receiving your e-mail are those who already visited your site and are interested in your products. It’s the best targeted campaign that anyone could do.

How affiliates score by this?

Affiliates are made for selling and making profits. The bots can be programmed to direct people and urge them to buy something. With the right strategy and asking the right question, the bots can help in making more sales.

You’re wondering how? Well, let’s say the moment someone opens your page the chatbox is ready and there’s already a question. It can be some sort of a quiz or a standard how can I help you question where a few options are provided.

Every next question and answer will drive the customer toward a product option and the possibility to make a sale. That’s how bots help affiliates make a better job, grow, and make profits.


It’s easy creating a great affiliate web page if you know how to use the best tools. One of them is definitely the chatbot option.

Follow these steps and you’ll see that very soon the company will drive forward and will make growth like never before. Program it correctly, use the right tactics and make sure you make the best of it.

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