December 9, 2023

Cut Your Expenses and Save Time: Hire a Recruitment Agency

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Using a recruitment agency shortens the time it takes to get a qualified individual hired and trained for the job. It takes a lot of time to properly market a position and filter through endless resumes finding a good fit for interviews.

You may have been flooded with applications who do not fit job requirements or experience and are tired of wasting your time and energy on a low-quality applicant pool. A recruitment agency will help you filter the pool so you can put your energy into the business rather than reading unqualified resumes.

Why a Recruitment Agency?

A recruitment agency is experienced with hiring for an array of different businesses. One of the main issues with receiving unqualified applicants is due to the job posting. Did you specify job requirements? Did you specify licences, certifications, and the minimum educational background for the job position?

An experienced recruitment agency will discuss what you are looking for in the perfect applicant. The agency may suggest to rewrite the job posting. The job specifications need to be clear, which will prevent under-qualified people from applying.

Recruitment Agency Services

A recruitment company in Thailand will assist with a variety of services including:

  • Executive recruitment
  • Practice areas
  • Psychometric and cognitive assessment
  • Resume service
  • LinkedIn service
  • Interview prep
  • Background check
  • Webinars

A high turnover rate is costly. The time it takes to interview, recruit, train, and establish a position is a huge investment. You may feel the need to hire an unqualified person out of desperation. This person ends up not being a good fit, and leaves the company after they are trained. A recruitment agency can lower your turnover rate by filtering and targeting a more qualified application pool.

Executive Recruitment

Ideal candidates get scarcer as the job qualifications and specifications increase. Recruiting executive level personnel is difficult. Forming a partnership with an experienced recruiter with expertise in your industry can be a profitable investment.

An experienced recruiter will be able to effectively target applicants in your niche. A specialised recruiter will be effective in their outreach potential. This is key to finding a good fit for an executive role. An executive position has a lot of responsibility coordinating the team and contributing to the company.

When the position is unfilled, you may find yourself filling this role, working late nights at the office while your family and social life suffers. However, hiring an inexperienced person for this position can be even more detrimental to your business. An experienced recruitment agency understands the urgency to hire an executive member of your team in order for your business to succeed and to lighten your workload.

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