July 20, 2024

Go live from Your Computer For Free

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People go to marketing conferences for all the networking. Sure, they just want to find out about new ideas, they also want free swag bags, free mini-sandwich sandwiches, and freebies. But in the end, they’re going to come to see, be seen, known, and network with your brand and audience. Your speakers might be topnotch, but in the end, people who plan on coming will still not be swayed into not coming to your event.

How to fully utilize Livestream Singapore?

If your entire staff is not versed in how to utilize Livestream to its fullest potential, you should ask each member of your staff to take a few tutorials. In fact, I’m pretty sure that you can have one of your own employees start streaming live, then take the next step by having them host a Livestream event.

This can be a lot of fun for them, it’s also a great way for you to show your organization how much you care about your community and your clients. You can also open up your office as well to the public, allowing your staff and constituents to give out Livestream tickets to their own events as well.

Once you are ready to begin streaming your event, the first thing that you need to do is get your Livestream application installed onto your website or blog. Next, set up your Livestream page so that it says “livestream” instead of” Livestreaming.” Then connect your webpage to your Google AdWords account.

Make sure that your AdSense account is linked to your website, or your Livestream page, which will allow people to view your ad on their mobile device while they are on the go. Finally, your audience member just needs to go to your Livestream page, which typically redirects them to your AdSense publisher area where they can find and click on your sponsor and view your live streamed advertisements.

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