February 27, 2024

Organising A Beach Olympics Team Building Event For Your Employees

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Team building events can be excellent for your company morale and can also help to enhance the communication and teamwork within your organisation. If you are living in the Melbourne area, it is an excellent place to incorporate the beach and your company’s next team-building event and hold a Beach Olympics for your company. You can invite everyone from the business to attend and split them into teams that see everyone mixing with people outside their departments. There are many different activities you can do, and you can have trophies and medals for the winners, and below are some events you can consider including in your Beach Olympics.


You can have all the teams organise themselves for a tug-o-war competition and see which one can come out on top. You can have everyone compete against each other and then do a straight knock-out competition until the last team wins the event. It can be a lot of fun and is suitable for people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels, and is a firm favourite with many participants. It may be worth considering having xlevents.com.au team-building activities in Melbourne organise your event so they can provide all the materials, including the rope, you will need for your Beach Olympics.

Beach Volleyball

Another team event that can be lots of fun to play is beach volleyball, an event you can include in your company team building day. You can have mixed teams of men and women and have them compete against each other until you find a winner. You will want to ensure plenty of sunblock for all your employees, whether playing or spectating, and encourage everyone to cheer for each other.


You can also have a game of dodgeball during your Beach Olympics, which can be immense fun for everyone who participates. Teams can battle it out until the last person stands in a knock-out competition until one team are crowned the winners. It will take you back to your school days and be extremely fun unless you take a hard shot to the face.

Relay Races

You can also utilise relay races in your company’s Beach Olympics, and there are many ways you can make it fun for everyone. You can do a straightforward relay race, or you can use a soccer ball or the old classic egg and spoon race which most people played in their school days. Relay races are an excellent way to get everyone involved and get people cheering for their teams.

Scavenger Hunt

Another event you may want to include in your Beach Olympics is a scavenger hunt, which can get your teams working together and having lots of fun. You must give them a list of objects they need to find, the more obscure, the better, and let the fun begin.

You can include many more events in your Beach Olympics, and you can get some more ideas by clicking here. After your games are finished, treat your employees to a barbecue on the beach, and it will be an excellent way to finish off the day.

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