December 9, 2023

The Importance of Transparency and Communication in Marine Projects

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Working within the marine sector and on off shore projects brings with it many logistical challenges and inherent dangers. In order for any business to be as effective as possible it is important to have a clear line of communication that runs through the entire organisation from top to bottom, and alongside that a framework of accountability and responsibility that allows all parties to understand the whereabouts and tasks being performed by every single component part of the company and project. When it comes to marine projects this becomes even more important due to the dangers present, and this is where personnel tracker and contractor management software implementation can work wonders.

When you are working at sea it is vital that all members of a project can have immediate and clear contact and communication with one another. Not only that, but it is imperative that information and data being collected and shared is accurate, up-to-the-minute, and fast, ensuring that every single person in the area is working effectively, and to high standards of health and safety.

The safety of personnel is of the utmost importance. This should be the case in any line of work of course, but it does become a more vital component of managing a project when the personnel are working in such dangerous conditions to begin with. Let’s take the example of working on a wind farm off shore. The safety of all personnel working regularly on the platform, as well as that of any visiting personnel bringing goods or offering up maintenance and repair skills, should be placed at the very top of your priority list. A data management system and personnel tracker is an important part of this process, and by choosing a software provider with experience in the marine and offshore industry you can be sure that what you are working with is tailor-made to your project needs and the specific challenges of working off shore. It allows for accurate coordination of all marine personnel, provides precise and specific training for both permanent staff and visiting contractors, and provides an umbrella system of data and information for clever and effective management with a view to high standards of health and safety.

Another reason this sort of project management software works so well for marine projects is that it plays into a process that helps the management team secure safe passage of goods and assets to and from the offshore project. During the construction phase of a marine project especially there will be a requirement for many trips back and forth to land, bringing equipment, construction materials, and personnel. After the construction phase there is the working offshore platform phase, and on-going maintenance and repairs to countenance. Understanding the location and safety of all vessels is an important aspect of managing the entire project, keeping things running on time and as smooth as possible, and keeping safety a priority. With the right type of asset management software and vessel tracking programmes you can ensure all boxes are being ticked.

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