December 9, 2023

The Ins and Outs of Telehandler Hire

2 min read

A telehandler is an extremely versatile machine, that is used often in the construction industry. Modern versions of telehandlers can be used the same way as a forklift, crane, or work platform. What this means is that an operator can use a telehandler for various tasks. This cuts down costs, delays and project times. This is fantastic for budgets and timescales.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a company to hire telehandlers.

The first is to decide if you need a telehandler for a very specific task or project. Within construction, there are so many tasks to consider. It could be that you are demolishing a building or preparing the landscape to be rebuilt on. It could be where foundations are being laid for a new build housing estate, or the finishing touches might be required on a refurbishment project. Telehandlers are useful in all construction scenarios. To provide the best chance of success, you should talk to your plant hire company as soon as possible.

Your contact will be at hand to discuss the finer details of the project, the machinery you will require, and the prospective dates of the various phases. From here you can begin a detailed plan of when your telehandlers will be delivered.

Your plant hire company will provide you with a choice of telehandlers, with the latest models available to choose from. Every item will be completely maintained and repaired (where necessary), ensuring that reliability issues are not a concern. As a result, health and safety standards are kept to the highest level.

The best plant hire companies deliver telehandlers close to your construction site. If there is a change of plan, you can have a replacement delivered the next day. This minimises delays and ensures the project continues to run smoothly.

Hiring a telehandler can help you get where you need to be with minimum fuss. Your choice of plant hire company will go a long way to determining how smooth and successful your project is. Always choose a team that has proven reliability and expert knowledge to guide you when needed.

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