July 20, 2024

Tips and Advice About In-Store Signage

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Every retail store owner knows how important their in-store signage is, as it is one component to a successful store ambience, and there are aspects of signage that are critical to creating the right retail environment. Here are some tips and suggestions from the professionals regarding in-store signage, which might help you.

  • Informational Signage – Whatever the message, every type of sign (ร้าน รับ ทำ ป้าย ทุก ชนิด in Thai) needs to be the right size, and signs that inform, should be located above head height and should be legible from the furthest location. You can use your company colours to help with branding, and with text that is the right size and contrasts with the background, store visitors will be able to read them from any location in the store. Examples of information signage include, entrance, exit, emergency exit, restrooms and also where certain products are located, and with double-sided signs hanging from the ceilings, they can be seen from every angle.
  • Easy to Read Fonts – Fonts should be easy to read, and fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman and Impact are all suitable for signage, especially signs that are informational. White text on a dark background helps the reader to digest the information, and if you are in any doubt, take a walk through a few shops and take note of the fonts they use.
  • Calls to Action – These are usually small signs or stickers that contain short phrases that are designed to encourage the visitor to make a purchase. Some classic examples are, Buy Now While Stocks Last, Sale Ends This Week, Special Discount, and so on, and these signs are placed close to the product itself and can be made of plastic with clips to attach to any location.
  • Boost your Branding – In-store signage provides an opportunity to boost your branding, and with clever colour choices and use of the logo, your customers will identify your brand much easier. There are some commercial printing companies that have an in-house graphic design team, and they can help you design your signs, as well as print them on the medium of your choice.
  • Promotional Stickers – These can be used to add some colour to your shop windows and doors, and with a local commercial printer, you can design the stickers and have them printed. It might be an “end of season sale”, or “buy now, pay later”, and promotional stickers are a great way to add to your branding. You could give them to your customers to stick on their vehicle windows, which is a method of free advertising that can work.

Your shop window signage should be changed on a regular basis, which will keep your regular customers interested, and with the right colours and the right sized text, your customers will enjoy a smooth buying experience. If you are computer literate, there are some great software programs that will help you design your in-store signage, or failing that, you can ask your local commercial printer to help with the design.

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