July 20, 2024

5 Reasons to Migrate your Business Data to the Cloud

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The digital development road is changing the business landscape and as we move into a new dimension of digital connectivity, more and more organisations are migrating their business data to the cloud. In case you weren’t aware, the term cloud refers to a secure online network, which is hosted on secure remote servers by a provider, and with that in mind, here are a few compelling reasons to switch to cloud solutions to manage your business more efficiently.

  1. Global access – When you set up a secure cloud network, you and other authorised personnel can access the data from any location. You don’t need anything more than a digital device, a web browser and a stable Internet connection to access and update files in real time. All stakeholders have a username and password and you can control who has access to what from your dashboard.
  2. Use any digital device – You are not limited to using a laptop or desktop PC, in fact, any digital device with an Internet browser can be used. Smartphone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC are all devices you can use to login, plus you don’t need to install special software, only an Internet browser. Some companies do not allow employees to use their personal device to access the network, others insist on using anti-virus software to protect the network, this is something you should consider.
  3. Cost-effective business communication – Your cloud network can be used as a video conferencing solution that is both secure and cost-effective. Why pay those high by-the-minute charges when you can enjoy video meetings for a fraction of the cost? If you would like to learn more about Voice over Internet Protocol, talk to a leading Australian telecommunications provider who has all the solutions for cost-effective business communication.
  4. Top cyber-security – Your network provider uses cutting-edge cyber-security software, ensuring that your critical data is always safe. You have 24/7 coverage with cyber-security and any attempt at unauthorised access can be quarantined and its origins traced. If at any time you think your cloud network might not be 100% secure, you can ask your provider to do some penetrative testing, when ethical hackers try their best to penetrate your network defences.
  5. Real-time updates – Real-time updates make sure that all stakeholders are on the same page; you could update a file in Sydney and someone in London can instantly access the updated file. It is essential that all employees have access to relevant data that is up to date, if you want your business to have a high degree of efficiency.

If you would like to learn more about cloud data storage, search online for a leading Australian provider and let them show you the many benefits and features you can enjoy. It is easy to set up and configure a secure cloud network, no bulky hardware is required and with the help of a team of engineers, your data can be migrated to a secure remote server.

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