June 20, 2024

How to improve productivity of your Startup in Singapore?

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Fund is an integral part of running a business of any size. If you have registered your startup in Singapore then before applying for a loan, you can think about applying for the PSG grant Singapore. The business-friendly government in Singapore has come up with the idea of providing funds to SMEs with the hope of modernizing the businesses by embracing cutting-edge technology.

If your application gets approved, your business will be funded by none other than the Singaporean government itself hoping to expand and make it more job-oriented and supportive for the country’s financial growth.

How to start?

You can start by visiting the website of the PSG grant in Singapore. From there, you can collect updated data starting from the criteria to the diverse steps to apply for the grant.


  • Your company should be registered in Singapore.
  • The company for which the grant is applied for must have 30% local stakeholders.
  • The SME should use technology and equipment in Singapore.
  • There are a few mentioned sectors that will only receive the PSG funds.

If you still find it difficult to proceed, then you must consult with an expert that can help you in applying the funds.

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