July 20, 2024

Three Reasons Document Destruction Should not be a DIY Project

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Businesses that want to cut costs will want to choose to do tasks on their own. However, depending on this approach for all business tasks could expose the company to unexpected risks. One of the tasks that should not be left to the providers of mobile shredding services is document shredding.

Below are the risks of DIY document destructions:

It Can Get Very Costly

Having confidential information about the company shred by employees is expensive. Costs start to add up the moment the first paper shredder is bought from the local office supply store. Some of the costs are not obvious. For example, apart from buying the machine, the company has to pay their employees for each minute they spend shredding confidential documents. This machine is known for being notoriously slow and problematic to use which means the labor costs of the company can quickly go through the roof. In fact, even before the employees start to shred documents, they will have to spend time removing some items such as paper clips, staples, folders, and sticky notes. Then, they will separate documents into small portions before they feed them into the shredder. This only shows how DIY shredding hours can quickly add up and lost times mean lost money.

Employees can Carelessly Dispose of Documents

Employees know how DIY destruction is inefficient and costly. As they take on the destruction task, they will have not much time to focus on their core responsibilities. Frustrated employees can toss sensitive files in the recycling bin instead of shredding them. Even a single negligent action can result in a catastrophic privacy breach.

It Doesn’t Guarantee Legal Compliance

Ensuring legal compliance with DIY document destruction is not easy. Every organization that collects personal information must be responsible to protect it including both paper and digital records. However, DIY destruction makes it impossible to monitor disposal to verify that expired contracts, invoices, and customer records are properly destroyed at the right time in their lifecycle.

Destroying company documents is too significant to be a DIY project. Companies must enlist the services of a reputable document shredding company to make sure their information is destroyed properly and in compliance with the law. These companies can provide lockable shredding consoles to facilitate easy and secure disposal of confidential documents. The shredding company will collect the consoles and all destroyed materials on a scheduled or as-needed basis according to the highest information security standards. Mobile shredding companies can shred confidential documents onsite.

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