December 9, 2023

Top Reasons for Choosing Corrugated Containers for Shipment

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When you wish to relocate products and goods for personal or professional purposes, corrugated board material is preferable. These are sturdy and reliable cartons that protect it against external influences. It does not matter if you are transporting goods across the town or country. The corrugated container is lightweight and cost-effective option.

Great reasons to choose corrugated cartons for shipment


Corrugated cartons are not heavy or bulky. They can be carried, transported, dispatched, loaded, and unloaded with ease. Smoothness is crucial for delivering packaged products.

Damage protection

Corrugated cartons are strong and durable. The interiors offer structural integrity. It can resist and absorb reasonable force placed on it. It means your produce will never get crushed, if another carton gets stacked on it or if it accidentally falls. Find more here about this impeccable option for long shipping needs.

Increased insulation

The corrugated boxes are comprised of two or more linear sheets that sandwich the wavy mediums. Thus, the insulation value of the cartons gets enhanced. The heat from the exterior does not get transferred within. A great option, if the refrigerant is used during shipping or the produce has to pass through a cold or hot environment, while on the road. The temperature is kept stable, which delays the spoilage.


Corrugated board cartons are available at cheap rates and are usually purchased in bulk. If you are looking for a corrugated packing solution in Canada then go no further, visit It has multiple branches spread across the country.

Improves brand value

Boxes help to keep produce safe n every phase of the packaging &shipping process. Choose an appealing packaging design to improve the perceived product value before opening the box.

Eco-friendly alternative

The packaging paper is made from recycled materials. It can be reshaped and reused, after recycling. Your business becomes eco-friendly using corrugated cartons for storage and shipping.

No pointed edges – There are no sharp edges, so no one gets hurt while carrying or arranging them on a shipment carrier.

Choose the best-corrugated packaging design but how are the boxes measured.

How to measure corrugated board carton?

Dimensions need to be in the series of Length x Width x Depth [exceptions include dividers, bin boxes, and bookfolds, where the arrangement is WxLxD].

  • Length is the longest and width is the shortest dimension calculated along the box opening.
  • Depth is the distance between the opposite panel and opening.
  •  Inside dimensions get measured because corrugated board thickness can differ.
  • Outer dimensions can be needed for pallet and shipping configuration purposes. Outer dimension listing includes OD along with the side, for e.g. 11”x23”x13” OD.
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