April 22, 2024

Why Should You Prefer Mixed Use Building?

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Mixed use buildings are those where both residential as well as non-residential buildings exist together. This has become a new way of living in most of the urban cities nowadays. In many such locations both residence and work-places also exist nearby.

Usually, most of the mix-used building can be found in the busy area of the urban city, where there will be plenty of restaurants, shops and various other amenities available at working distance.

Following are few good reasons why people opt to live in such kind of mixed used buildings.

  • Less risk of diversification

Since in this type of arrangement most of the commercial as well as residential buildings will coexist and hence there will not be much scope for further diversification in the near future.

  • Better transport facilities

The population as well as commercial buildings exist together and hence there will be plenty of facility for local transportation like buses, taxis and local underground trains.

  • Easy access to customers

Since residence and commercial areas exist together and hence most of the businesses will have readily available customers for them and there will no need of doing extra marketing in order to do business.

  • More efficient use of resources

Due to co-existence of both residences and commercial complexes all the utilities like energy, sewage system, trash disposal system will be readily available and they can be maintained as well as utilized very efficiently.

  • Budget friendly

By living in such location, people can live with much lesser budget as most of the amenities will be available nearby and as a result there will be lots of saving in transportation cost.

  • High quality houses

Since all the commercial facilities as well as residences coexist together and therefore the quality of houses that will be built will be much higher quality as compared to any residences built in residential areas.

  • Better environment conservation

As both consumers and shops are living in the same place hence there will be less traffic congestion and better environment conservations due to lower use of vehicles.

  • Stimulates growth in economy

People will travel less to any shopping mall and purchase most of their daily needs from the local shops and hence there will be more economic activities within the complex which can result in economic growth of the area.

  • Better resource utilization

All the natural resources that are available will be properly utilized both by residents as well as commercial property owners.

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