July 20, 2024

What Services Do Funeral Homes Provide? Check Here!

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The logistics of a funeral can be more complex than you think. Losing a family member, or someone who mattered to you, is never easy. If the deceased hadn’t preplanned his/her funeral, immediate family members and friends are expected to make the necessary arrangements. Most people have no clue of how to arrange a funeral, and it is not surprising that there are so many funeral homes for home. The role of a funeral director in Singapore is to ensure that the arrangements are done as per requests and within the available time. Note that funeral directors are not clergies. They are responsible for ensuring that the funeral is completed as smoothly as possible. So, what can you expect when you contact a funeral director? Here’s an overview.

The basics

  • Funeral directors can guide about the process of getting a death certificate and other formalities that must be completed, so that the deceased can be transferred to the funeral home. They will ensure that the involvement of the family is minimized, so that they have the privacy and time to grieve and pray for the departed.
  • With funeral directors, you don’t have to worry much about the arrangements either. They will ensure that the requests of the family are honored, and if the deceased followed certain religious beliefs and customs, the same are respected for the funeral.
  • Depending on the services provided, funeral directors can offer packages through the funeral homes they work for. You can find ready packages that cover for all kinds of religious funerals, such as Taoist, Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu funerals. If the deceased was a free thinker, they can offer a basic package for that, as well.

  • All basic aspects will be taken care of by the funeral director. For instance, they will ensure that hearse, funeral vehicles are booked in advance, morticians are contacted for embalming and makeup, floral arrangements are ordered, and music and photography needs are organized. If a backdrop is required for the wake, they will arrange for that as well.

Many funeral directors also help families in organizing prayer meets and writing obituaries as required after the funeral. They will also ensure that necessary arrangements are made for the attendees at the wake, including seating and lighting. Check online for funeral homes, talk to a funeral director for options before taking the final call. Ensure that you are honoring the deceased as they would have expected.

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